About Us

Established in 1999, PATHFINDERS HOLIDAYS PVT LTD, (formerly Pathfinders ) is all about Content, Delivery, & The Difference, all of which a complete Travel Experience Expert must offer.

We focus on preceding the Traveller's experience by

  • Defining the travel experience
  • Delivering what we work out
  • Underscoring the Pathfinders "Difference"

By these criteria we know what our clients can expect from us

  • Care and Guidance from a professional team of travel experts
  • Wide Experience in worldwide travel
  • Reliability of itinerary, safety and security with 24 x 7 connectivity

At PATHFINDERS, we plan your trip, and organise sensibly and intelligently. We have a flexible menu for all types of travellers. We offer Families, Groups, Corporate Travellers, et al custom made tours for travel within India - giving you a variety to choose, from RELIGIOUS Mahendra Vakharia Director, Pathfinders TOURISM, WILDLIFETOURISM, CULTURAL TOURISM, ADVENTURE TOURISM, SPA &WELLNESS TOURISM, BEACH TOURISM, PALACES & FORTS, SPECIAL HERITAGE TRAIN JOURNEYS, etc. We have an extensive network Pan-India to cater to all of the above segments.

We also specialize in arranging customized trips to Europe including East Europe, America, Canada, South America, Scandinavia & Finland, Australia & New Zealand with extension to Tahiti / Bora Bora, Far East, South Africa, Kenya & Tanzania, Egypt, Jordan, Greece, Turkey, China, Mauritius, SriLanka + Maldives, etc. Our extensive global network of Suppliers, offer us attractive and competitive prices, which we gladly pass on to our clients. The same network liases with Pathfinders Main office in client servicing.

Pathfinders is Guided by the 4 Way Test of a Rotarian:

Aim & Goal


Our Aim

"Pathfinder will work smart, work focused, and work intelligently to make your travel experiences truly memorable and unforgettable"


Our Goal

To reach the Highest possible position in the industry, based on offering Honest, Correct & Right information to our clients, backed with solid service and delivery.